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  • 3. The Economics of Space Exploration, Are There Commercial Opportunities?


    1. Private Equity Investments Beyond Earth Orbits: Can Space Exploration be the New Frontier for Private Investments?

    2. The Role and Capacity of the Public and private sectors as contributors to future commercial opportunities in Space Exploration

    3. Potential Approach Towards Private Sector-Backed Future Space Exploration

    4. Relevance of Economic Data in the Pursuit of Orbital Launch Vehicle Programs, a U.S. Perspective

    5. Space Application Possibilities from JAXA Advanced Research and Development Activity

    6. The Peer-to-Peer Financing Opportunity: The Information Revolution’s Dramatic Impact on Private Investment in Space Technologies Incubated within Governments

    7. The Need for Global or Reciprocal Patent Protection for the Commercialisation of Technologies Discovered or Utilised in Outer Space

    8. Economic Development of Space: Examination and Simulation

    9. Economics and Management of a Terraforming Project