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  • Asia Broadband Plan and its implications for bridging Digital Divide Within the frame work of WSIS and international cooperation

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    Prof. Toshio Kosuge, University of Electro-Communications, Japan



    In the year of 2000 there were many international conferences and meetings for establishing new goals towards bridging digital divides in the world. UN Millennium Declaration, World Summit, Asia Pacific Telecommunity Summit and World Summit on Information Summit declared several targets utilizing information and communication technologies to overcome digital divide problems, especially in the developing countries.
    It is very important for the developing countries to elaborate law and policy for developing national information and communication infrastructure and providing services after the privatization and competition in its communication industries. Especially in the field of information and communication services based on IP, the broadband services could be the main target for every country to achieve the goal for universal access and universal services.
    In this paper one of the regional cooperation among Asia Pacific region would be a good example for bridging digital divide between countries and between urban and rural area in the country through "Asia Broadband Plan" Through this study space telecommunication technologies could be one of the key issues in this region. It would be still important to advocate international cooperation and collaboration for regional institutional role and function in information and telecommunication infrastructure building and service provision.
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