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    A1. Space Life Sciences Symposium

    A2. Microgravity Sciences and Processes Symposium

    A3. Space Exploration Symposium

    A4. 36th Symposium on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) – The Next Steps

    A5. Human Exploration of the Moon and Mars Symposium

    A6. Space Debris Symposium

    B1. Earth Observation Symposium

    B2. Space Communications and Navigation Symposium

    B3. Human Space Endeavours Symposium

    B4. Small Satellite Missions Symposium

    C1. Astrodynamics Symposium

    C2. Materials and Structures Symposium

    C3. Space Power Symposium

    C4. Space Propulsion Symposium

    D1. Space Systems Symposium

    D2. Space Transportation Solutions and Innovations Symposium

    D3. Symposium on Stepping Stones to the Future: Strategies, Architectures, Concepts and Technologies

    D4. Symposium on the Far Future: Renewed Visions

    D5. 40th Symposium on Safety and Quality in Space Activities

    E1. Space Education and Outreach Symposium

    E2. 37th Student Conference

    E3. Space Benefits - Opportunities for Mankind: Policy and Economic Aspects

    E4. 41st History of Astronautics Symposium

    E5. 18th Symposium on Space Activity and Society

    E6. 50th International Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space (IISL)

    F. Forum

    H.L. Highlight Lectures

    P.E. Plenary Events