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  • 2. Human and Robotic Partnerships to Realize Space Exploration Goals


    1. Results from the MEPAG Human Exploration of Mars Science Analysis Group

    2. Mars Human Reference Missions for Atmosphere and Climate: report from HEM-SAG Climate group

    3. Demonstrating Technologies for Lunar Exploration

    4. "Lunar Surface Mobility Systems" resulting from the ESA Study on Surface Architectures for European Space Exploration

    5. Human Surface Mobility Concepts for Lunar Exploration

    6. human-robotic symbiosis to enable future planetary extravehicular activity

    7. Long lived landers without radioactive materials for long term planetary missions

    8. Infrastructure Robotics: A Technology Enabler for Lunar In-Situ Resource Utilization, Habitat Construction and Maintenance

    9. Robotic and astronaut tasks related to crew safety for exploration of a lunar pole.

    10. an historical overview of robots versus humans in spaceflight: technology, human evolution, and interplanetary travel