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  • 4. Earth Observation Data Management Systems


    1. A European climate data centre

    2. china earth observation satellites data system and model reserch of data applications

    3. Processing GERB Data with an Internationally Distributed System

    4. Data Management Systems for Well Defined and Repeatable Data Sets: Providing the Information Needed to go from Imagination to Reality

    5. Data Management and Digital Delivery of Analog Data

    6. Security Concepts for Satellite Links

    7. A Simulation Tool for Payload Data Volume & Downlink Latency Estimation in Leo Earth Observation Satellite

    8. A computational intelligence approach for earth resource satellite image processing, classification and decision-making

    9. Improved land surface temperature retrieval method for the small satellite Flying Laptop

    10. NPOESS Environmental Data Products

    11. Automatic Archaeological Feature Extraction From Satellite VHR Images by Mathematical Morphology Functions

    12. The Status of Ecosystem Examined by Microwave Data