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  • 3. Assembly and operation of space stations


    1. Dextre -– the Robotic Dream comes Alive! Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM/Dextre) Deployment and On-Orbit Commissioning Results

    2. ground processing of the european columbus laboratory at ksc

    3. First experience with Realtime Operations of the Columbus Module

    4. Proposal for Modification of ISS Constitution

    5. Lessons Learned From the STS-120/ISS 10A Robotics Operations

    6. Integration of Russian Segment Payloads on the ISS Using the Space Station Remote Manipulator System

    7. Astronaut training in view of the future: a Columbus Payload Instructor perspective

    8. ASI Program - Virtual Reality in Neutral Buoyancy

    9. the node 2 on the international space station: experiences and lessons learned from launch to on orbit operations

    10. Integration of the first European ISS Increments: Concepts and Experiences

    11. A NASA ISS Systems Integration View of the Commercial Orbital Transportation Service (COTS)