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  • 6. The Role of Humans and Machines in the Future of Space Endeavours


    1. Human / Automation trade methodology for the Moon, Mars and Beyond

    2. Robust human/robotic systems

    3. Specification of Autonomy Requirements for Manned Missions

    4. Investigating the Effects of Frame Disparity on the Performance of Telerobotic Tasks

    5. Human and Robotic Repair of a Solar Array Wing during ISS Assembly Mission 10A

    6. A Feasibility Analysis of Primitive Level Task Allocation for a Cooperative Human and Robotic Team

    7. Demonstration of an Astronaut Support Robot on the International Space Station Japanese Experiment Module (ISS/JEM)

    8. Remote Control of Robotic Agents For Lunar Infrastructure Construction

    9. Automated and Human-Tended Planetary Drilling Tradeoffs

    10. Space Exploration: EVA and EVR

    11. Toward robust deadlock avoidance method among multiple robots: Analyzing communication failure cases