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  • 1. Multibody Dynamics


    1. Shape and Distribution of Rubble-pile Asteroid with Impact

    2. Parametric Study of the Diversion via a Tether/Ballast System of a Near Earth Object on an Earth Intersecting Trajectory

    3. small spacecrafts formation using potential functions

    4. potential field based navigation for planetary rovers using internal states

    5. Self-learning Control of Space Manipulator Based on Adaptive Fuzzy Compensator Controller

    6. reactionless capture of a satellite by a two degree-of-freedom manipulator

    7. Analysis of guidance and control laws for orbiting multibody manipulators

    8. Development of a High Power Dexterous Hand For Space Robot

    9. On-Ground Experiment for Rotational Dynamics of Spinning Solar Sail

    10. Robustness and Performance of Multivariable Techniques for Attitude Control of a Rigid-flexible Satellite

    11. Neural Network Feed-forward Control of Free-floating Dual-arm Space robot System in Joint Space

    12. Study of Vision-Based Relative Navigation for Satellites Formation Flying