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  • 2. Optimization


    1. concurrent optimization of launcher architectures and ascent trajectories with global optimization algorithms

    2. The Semantic Asteroids

    3. Design Space Pruning Heuristics and Global Optimization Method for Conceptual Design of Low-Thrust Asteroid Tour Missions

    4. Method for Optimization of Trajectories Including Gravitational Maneuvers of a Spacecraft with a Solar Sail

    5. A Fast Second-Order Algorithm for Preliminary Design of Low-Thrust Trajectories

    6. MDO approach for early design of aerobraking orbital transfer vehicles

    7. optimal maneuver strategy and orbit design for servicing spacecraft

    8. Optimization of Low-Thrust Many-Revolution Transfers and Lyapunov-Based Guidance

    9. Orbit Synthesis for Hayabusa-2 and Marco Polo (Hayabusa mk-II) Primitive Bodies Sample & Return Missions

    10. Comparative study on the application of evolutionary optimisation techniques to orbit transfer manoeuvres

    11. Interactive Optimization Approach for Optimal Impulsive Rendezvous Using Primer Vector and Evolutionary Algorithms

    12. Quasi optimal interorbit transfers of an electrically propelled spacevehicle in strong central gravity field