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  • 5. Guidance and Control


    1. Results of SPHERES Microgravity Autonomous Docking Experiments in the Presence of Anomalies

    2. far and proximity maneuvers of a constellation of service satellites applied in rendezvous missions, and autonomous estimation of customer satellite using machine vision

    3. Extension of the Proximity-Quotient Control Law for Low-Thrust Propulsion

    4. analytical control laws for interplanetary solar sail trajectories with constraints

    5. A Real Time Implementation of a Passive Optical Terrain Navigation System

    6. A Hybrid Approach to Robustness Analyses of Flight Control Laws in Re-entry Applications

    7. 6 DOF robust control for Entry Descent and Landing in planetary atmospheres

    8. An Alternative Entry Guidance Algorithm for Suborbital Launch Vehicle

    9. Angles-Only, Relative and Inertial 6DOF Estimation for Orbital Navigation

    10. A New Solution to the Nonlinear Optimal Control for Lunar Landing Mission

    11. Crew Space Transportation System (CSTS) Rendezvous and Docking in Low Lunar Orbit

    12. Stabilizing Periodic Orbits above the ecliptic plane in the Solar Sail elliptic 3-Body Problem

    13. Nonlinear Control for Pinpoint Precision Landers