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  • 1. Propulsion Systems I


    1. Origin and Evolution of Orion Service Module Propulsion from ESAS to Initiation of Preliminary Design By James M. Free

    2. Liquid Oxygen/Liquid Methane Ascent Main Engine Technology Development

    3. The main engine of first stage of "Angara" launch-vehicles family

    4. Main engine for Vega launch vehicle stage IV Results of experimental testing and qualification

    5. structural analysis of propulsion system components of an indigenous cryogenic rocket engine

    6. an experimental design verification of the dual-bell nozzles

    7. 445N (100lbf) Liquid Oxygen / Liquid Methane Reaction Control Engine Technology Development for Future Space Vehicles

    8. improvement program status of the le-5b engine

    9. Technological readiness of the VINCI expander engine

    10. optimizing the quantity of propellant in nigcomsat-1 satellite using thermal knocking technique

    11. unsteady characteristic research of startup and cutoff process of secondary hot gas injection thrust vector control system

    12. Generalized Propulsion System for Panel ExTension SATellite (PETSAT) Based on Hydrogen Peroxide and Open-Modular Architecture