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  • 5. Hypersonic and Combined Cycle Propulsion


    1. Heat Exchanger Design in Combined Cycle Engines Helen Webber and Simon Feast Reaction Engines Ltd., D5 Culham Science Centre, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 3DB, UK

    2. Heat Exchanger Development at Reaction Engines Ltd.

    3. Design and Testing of the Contra-rotating Turbine for the SCIMITAR Precooled Engine

    4. Development Study of A Precooled Turbojet Engine

    5. french r&t effort for high-speed airbreathing propulsion status in 2008

    6. fully axisymmetric airbreather concept for space launcher first application to a micro-space launcher

    7. Proposals justification to combined rocket engines application as a part of aerospace system

    8. Design and Optimization of Two-Stage-To-Orbit Launch Vehicle with Air Turbo Rocket Propulsion

    9. supersonic combustion enhancement by shock wave impingement for scram-jet engine

    10. Numerical investigation of the configuration effects to the Ejector-jet Performance in the RBCC engine combustor model

    11. Numerical Simulation of MHD Flows in 2-D Scramjet Inlets

    12. 3-D Numerical Simulation for Ramjet using an efficient Multi-Code CFD Solver

    13. an experimental investigation on cowl lip's open process of two-dimensional inlet

    14. fundamental study on pulse detonation engine with liquid fuel for aerospace propulsion system

    15. Theory and Method of Scramjet Engine Performance Prediction Based on the Nozzle Exit Pressure