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  • Spaceports: the necessary infrastructure for private spaceflight

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    Mr. Jose Mariano Lopez Urdiales, BAIE, Spain


    Ms. Olga Zhdanovich, European Space Agency/ESTEC, The Netherlands



    This paper provides an overview of a study of a structured approach on a commercial spaceport for space tourism.
    Most present studies in the field of space tourism tend to focus on the vehicle. While launch sites have already been proposed in many countries; from Alaska to Australia, a structured approach on spaceports has driven much less attention until now and it is lacking.
    The paper:
    1.Defines a set of requirements for the design, development and operation of a spaceport for space tourists.
    2.Presents a cost-benefit analysis for various approaches for the construction and operation of the spaceport.
    3.Examines the ability of the current international legal framework to facilitate development of a spaceport for space tourism.
    4.Outlines future spaceport projected evolution scenarii.
    A consistent methodology for the evaluation and development of spaceports for private spaceflight will facilitate the development of this nascent industry. The approach highlights the interdisciplinary results of a study hosted by the International Space University (ISU) in its Space Studies Program 2008.
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