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  • research status and prospect of surrounding effect at space launch in China

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    Mr. Yin xufeng, Beijing Special Engineering Design Institute, China


    Mr. Liu Xiaohua, China


    Mr. Yang Jun, China


    Mr. Wang Tielong, China



    The paper introduces the research progress and achievements of surrounding effect at space launch in China. The research of the surrounding effect at space launch has an important significance about safety and reliability of space launching center.This paper explains the physical characteristics of surrounding effect. The launch tower and other ground facilities is influenced by the gas efflux shock,vibration,powerful noise and high temperature. The composition of surrounding effect measure system, method of measure, principle of measure point placing,etc. were researched. Wavelet Transform principle is a new method of surrounding effect measurement data processing.The research progress of the launch tower structure response affected by surrounding effect at space launch is also introduced.
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