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  • EELV Secondary and Small Payload Accommodations

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    Dr. Gerard Szatkowski, United Launch Alliance, United States



    The space community is on the verge of an explosion of new small satellites that will raise the technology readiness level from laboratory experiments to realizable field capabilities.  A current survey numbers these experimental craft, at or nearing flight readiness, to be as many as 1500.  How will the launch vehicle community respond to this new challenge?  The STP-1 Mission in Feb. of 2007 was a good start but improved integration is needed.
    This paper provides an updated overview of progress at United Launch Alliance (ULA) of the Atlas and Delta launch vehicles in support of small satellite rideshares.  Included here is work expanding the use of ESPA carriers by CSA Engineering; and new concepts for multi-carriers by SpaceDev.  It addresses the variety of sizes of craft with a range of carriers and their development status; it gives an overview of the current launch manifest with available mission margins and approximate orbits; and poses approaches for addressing the backlog of small satellites with new concepts for affordable multi-craft LEO delivery systems.
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    IAC-08.D2.2.5.pdf (🔒 authorized access only).

    To get the manuscript, please contact IAF Secretariat.