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  • 3. Upper Stages, Space Transfer, Reentry and Landing Systems


    1. The Automated Transfer Vehicle – Presentation, launch campaign and “Jules-Verne” mission

    2. The Automated Transfer Vehicle – Evolution for ISS, Human Spaceflight and Exploration

    3. Re-ignitable EPS Upper Stage Providing full Versatility for ARIANE 5

    4. NASA Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle Upper Stage Overview

    5. Design, development and testing of a compact lightweight capsule recovery system

    6. Analysis and Design of Cargo Transport Architectures for Manned Mars Missions using Electric Propulsion

    7. Solid Rocket Motors Solutions for Mars Landing and Re-ascent

    8. Design Optimization of High Mass Mars Entry Systems

    9. A Concept for the Entry, Descent, and Landing of High-Mass Payloads at Mars