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  • 6. Future Space Transportation Systems Verification and In-Flight Experimentation


    1. The IXV Project. The ESA re-entry system and technolologies demonstrator paving the way to European autonomous space transportation and exploration endeavours

    2. CFD Rebuilding of USV-DTFT1 Vehicle In-Flight Experiment

    3. EXPERT: The ESA Experimental Re-entry test-bed programme

    4. Key Experiments within the Shefex II Mission

    5. Aldebaran: a "system" demonstrator project for new generations of space transportation.

    6. Ares I-X Flight Test—On the Fast Track to the Future

    7. Ares I-X Flight Test Vehicle Similitude to the Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle

    8. Deceleration system for Space capsule Recovery Experiment

    9. Main results of analysis of possibility of use of existent Russian aircraft for launch of demonstrators of reusable stages of future space transportation systems