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  • International Responsibility vis-à-vis natural near Earth objects (NEOs) and their possible implications

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    Prof. Maureen Williams, CONICET and University of Buenos Aires, Argentina



    The Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of Copuos has been involved on this topic for some time now and the moment appears ripe to embark in the analysis of NEOs from a legal angle. The subject, currently in a somewhat stormy infancy, calls for a permanent interdisciplinary approach.
    This paper is a first step in the legal approach to some of the major aspects involved in the presence of natural near earth objects, their characteristics, implications and threats, in light of the Outer Space Treaties, the UN Principles and other rules of international law which might be applicable. Emphasis will be given to issues of international responsibility and liability, having in mind the dangers the presence of these objects may entail to humankind. The duties of those countries having the necessary means to deviate or destroy NEOs which imply a serious risks to planet Earth and its resources will be the object of special treatment.  
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