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  • Space Law Students Participation in Real Engineering Related Projects and Research

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    Mr. Amalio Monzón, LEEM, Spain


    Mr. Hector Salvador, LEEM, Spain


    Mr. Andrés Russu, LEEM, Spain


    Mr. Carlos Sananes, LEEM, Spain


    Mr. Julián Fernández-Cabrera, LEEM, Spain



    Space Law is a recognised way of collaboration, promotion of sustainability development and international cooperation from it started, with the launch of world first artificial satellite in 1957. Likewise education and research in a scientific, technical and juridical way constitute a key factor in the development of Space Law. Laboratory for Space and Microgravity Research (LEEM), a Spanish non-profit space students and young professionals association dedicated to motivate and support students to develop space related projects has created a juridical committee whose principal objectives are to divulgate this field between science and law students, and to collaborate in Space Law development. Through direct participation in real space projects, LEEM provide to students the opportunity of having a real hands-on the topics of these activities. Students research about all related aspects of Space Law concerning an specific project at the same time they collaborate in its development, making possible a wide knowledge in technical and legal aspects. These research activities support the legal aspects of LEEM and the development of more ambitious projects, assuring all applicable laws. Our initial research line is concerned launch of sounding rockets and pico satellites. Spain has not a clear regulation about them and in some cases, activities related with these fields are not specifically covered by the actual legislation. Our juridical committee find ways where our activities are adapted to Spanish legislation and ways to motivate a fluent contact with authorities in order to promote an specific regulation. On the other hand, students and young professionals which develop these Space Law researches have the possibility of networking with professional and experts, present their results, and discuss about new ideas during the association annual congress, the Spanish Space Students (S3). This innovative way of research, make possible to study the current status of local applicable legislation in space from a practical point of view, to promote Space Law field between students of different disciplines and collaborating to its development and progress. In addition it constitutes an opportunity to include practical ideas and knowledge in a future national law.
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