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  • Space Law for the Practitioner

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    Mr. David Sagar, United Kingdom


    Mrs. Joanne Wheeler, Milbank, United Kingdom



    Space Education, the Dissemination of Related Information and Some Current Commercial Topics
    The exploration and use of space has expanded from the preserve of states to a varied arena within which commercial interests play a variety of roles. Complex legal issues have been raised for their advisers, while new rules and procedures have had to be developed, consistent with established international public space law.  Practitioners and students of commercial law require instruction in these innovations to tailor their ‘terrestrial’ expertise to the new opportunities.  In what is becoming a swiftly moving field, continuing updating of knowledge and skills is also required.
    The involvement of lawyers in space has never been greater. They are engaged in satellite and launch procurements, finance and insurance; IPR; spectrum management; implementation of treaties; national licensing; satellite navigation; export controls; remote sensing; and space research. Space tourism will present new policy and legal challenges.
    Academic programmes have been developed to equip future lawyers to deal with aspects of space law. Within these programmes is a trend toward the teaching of applied space law, focusing on commercial and practical problems requiring legal resolution. Less common are courses designed to equip practising commercial lawyers and businessmen to understand and resolve questions they encounter in the practice of space commercialisation and exploration.  There is also a growing need to equip business advisers to anticipate and prepare for future developments and direction of space regulation and shifts in policy.  The London Institute of Space Policy and Law, formed this year, aims to provide training and research in the areas identified.
    The purpose of this paper is to review these developments and indicate how they may be taken further, to train and equip lawyers and policy adviser to serve the space community.
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