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  • 4. Space Based Astronomy


    1. The Herschel / Planck Programme - Two Science Missions Launched

    2. The ESA GAIA Mission; designing in Silicon Carbide and related issues

    3. A Novel Astronomical Application for Formation Flying Small Satellites

    4. On-Orbit Serviced Astrophysical Spacecraft with a Large-Sized Space Radio Telescope: Development Concept.

    5. space based radio astronomy:development and suggestion

    6. A Cosmology Telescope at the South Pole as a Precursor to Observatories in the Lunar Polar Region

    7. Optimal Interferometric Maneuvers for Distributed Telescopes

    8. Ultra Fast Flash Observatory to observe the prompt photons from Gamma Ray Bursts

    9. Korea Space Science Payload, MIRIS Developments

    10. The Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) onboard the Solar Orbiter mission