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  • 6. Solar System Exploration


    1. Solar Probe Plus: Mission Design Challenges and Trades

    2. The MESSENGER Mission: Results from the First Two Mercury Flybys

    3. Structure and dynamics of the Venus Neutral Atmosphere: The Venus Express Radio-Science Experiment

    4. Design of the Cross-Scale Multi-Scale Plasma Physics Mission

    5. A Juno Mission Update from the Critical Design Phase


    7. Analysis and Concepts Development for an Astrobiology-Focused Exploration of the Jovian Moon Europa

    8. The Continuing Exploration of Saturn by Cassini

    9. Wide Dispersal Space Delivered Geological Survey System for Extra Terrestrial Applications

    10. Reflection seismology systems for planetary geology; a feasibility study

    11. Impact Tests to Evaluate Packaging of COTS Electronics for a Canadian Micropenetrator Concept.

    12. Surface Delivery of Microrovers for Exploration: Design Challenges and Solutions