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  • Improvement Study on Rectenna Efficiency

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    Mr. KAZUO HASEGAWA, IHI Aerospace Co, Ltd., Japan


    Mr. Yuichiro Ozawa, IHI Aerospace Co, Ltd., Japan


    Mr. Teruo Fujiwara, IHI Aerospace Co, Ltd., Japan


    Mr. Minoru Furukawa, Nihon Dengyo Kosaku Co.,LTD, Japan



    A highly efficient rectenna in microwave power transmission is considered as a technical matter of the greatest importance solved toward Space Solar Power System in future. In NASA reference system, a RF-to-dc conversion efficiency of 89\% was used for microwave power receiving system in the feasibility study for Space Solar Power System, which number of RF-to-dc conversion efficiency might be presumed to be a guide for improvement of rectenna efficiency hereafter.
    It is reported that a RF-to-dc conversion efficiency is 70\% or so in most of rectenna developed at a 5.8 GHz input microwave power and most of the power loss might be caused by the efficiency of a diode in a rectenna. The paper describes a discussion on the input microwave power to rectenna at 5.8 GHz , a review on the performance of diodes used previously for rectenna and a diode performance required for rectenna with the target RF-to-dc conversion efficiency of at the 5.8 GHz input microwave power.
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