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    Ms. Maria Victoria Alonsoperez, Uruguay



    This paper explores the possibility of human survival on Mars, which would lead to inhabiting it for long
    periods of time, first for scientific purposes and then for colonization purposes. This work was done with
    the intention of searching for answers outside the easy conclusions that science fiction movies reach.
    The strategy will be to get to know the best combination of elements that can generate the conditions
    which will enable the development of life at a reasonable cost. In order to do that, it is of extreme
    importance to know how to combine three main elements which are: humankind, technology and the
    Planet’s resources. This will be accomplished only through the observation and absolute care of the
    Furthermore, there will be implications on Earth. This study will consider the effect that creating a planet
    similar to the Earth will have on the people. Mars’s colonization is a long term project that will unite
    people from all over the world in a common aim: the personal and material development in an effective
    and efficient way, in peace, among all cultures, for the progress of humankind. Thus, education at all
    levels is essential in order to accomplish the wanted objectives.
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