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  • Russian Space Program Priorities Definition for Next Decades

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    Dr. Anatoly Golovko, Central Research Institute of Machine Building (FSUE/TSNIIMASH), Russia


    Dr. Anatoly Malchenko, Central Research Institute of Machine Building (FSUE/TSNIIMASH), Russia



    A paper discusses the process and the preliminary results of the Russian civilian space program priorities definition for the thirty years timeframe. The major milestones of the planning process are described as well as the external conditions and requirements. The key trends are identified, including the following: 
    \begin{itemize}\item combination of the space application and space exploration project within the single Federal program funded by the government through the country’s Federal Space Agency;\end{itemize}
    \begin{itemize}\item growing role of the Moon and Mars exploration projects;\end{itemize}
    \begin{itemize}\item ISS operations until 2020 and continuity in the low Earth orbit manned spaceflight infrastructure development after that; \end{itemize}
    \begin{itemize}\item deployment of the new civilian launch center in the Russia’s Far East;\end{itemize}
    \begin{itemize}\item special attention to the space applications and products delivery to the Russian regions, corporations and private citizens;\end{itemize}
    \begin{itemize}\item special attention to the enabling manufacturing and functional technologies most universally used for different space missions.\end{itemize}
    The discussed space program priorities for the next decades includes both space application constellations support and development and manned spaceflight leadership. The international cooperation for the sake of large-scale space exploration projects is considered a key success requirement.
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