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  • Status of Korean Space Sector in 2007

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    Dr. nammi choe, Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea, Republic of



    From late 1980’s the number of company, research institutes, and universities in space sector in Korea has steadily increased in the field of space application using other nation’s satellite information. From 2001, the number of space related company has been exponentially increased as Korean government started to investigate in manufacturing its own satellites and space launch vehicles in 1996 and the leading national research institute in aerospace research, Korea Aerospace Research Institute(KARI), was established. More than 70 organizations are involved in the space field in 2007 compared to 7 in 1980. 
    The status of Korean space sector in 2007 including industry, research institutes and universities through the survey was investigated third time after the first in 2005. In this paper the statistics of sales, budget, man power, export and import of 77 organizations is presented and the status of Korean space sector is analyzed. 
    The total space related sales of industry in 2007 are 590 million dollars which is increased by 26% relative to that of previous year. The total budget of research institutes and the total R&D fund of universities are 245 million dollars and 6 million dollars respectively. The space related sales of industry is increased by 27% compared to the previous year although the total budget of research institutes and the total R&D fund of universities are decreased by 9% and 28% respectively compared to the previous year due to the decreased government budget in space field. The space application field is more dominant than manufacturing satellite, launch vehicle and ground facilities in the space related sales of industry.
    These sales of industry and budgets of research institutes are mainly related to the government program of Korea Multipurpose Satellite, Korea Space Launch vehicle and Science and Technology Satellite. In 2007, total personnel of space sector is 2,705, as 1621 personnel in industry, 717 personnel in research institutes, 367 personnel  in universities. The total number of personnel is increased by 14% in 2007 compared to the previous year.
    The industry and research institute expect expanding Korean space sector as they responded that more than 900 and 200 persons are additionally required in 5 years. 
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