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  • Lanucher regulations in Korea

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    Mr. Joon Lee, Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea, Republic of



    In spite of relatively short history of space activities, the Republic of Korea has focused on the speedy catching up to the advanced space faring countries and now already has experiences of successful devlopment and management of several satellites and astronaut training.
      Currently, as a new field, Korea has a plan to launch the first launch vehicle with a payload of Science & Technology Satellite into the low earth orbit in 2009. 
      All policies need a legal basis before practice and there is no exception in space activities. Korean government started to enact the laws related space activies containing space object registraion, launch permit, space accident investigation etc from 2005 as Korean space development was becoming in orbit.
      As for the lauch of launch vehicle, there have been more efforts recently for the enactment of regulations and bylaws dealing with space liabiliy and insurance, government support.
      In this thesis, I introduce Korean launcher program first and then Korean legal system of launching the launch vehicle as well as conditions to get a launch permit.
      Thirdly, all the regulations and bylaws on launcher and launching are explained in detail. 
      Lastly, international and domestic rules on the launch of launchers are analysed and, if necessary, a proposal for improvement will be made.
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