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  • Launch Vehicle Regulations: Overview and Status of International Comparative Study

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    Dr. Henry Hertzfeld, George Washington University, United States



    National laws and regulations on space launch vehicles and systems vary greatly. This study is designed to accomplish two objectives: 1) to develop a comprehensive overview of the way regulations are implemented in the legal system of nations of the world that have launch capabilities, and 2) to analyze additional important and significant laws and incentives for launch vehicles that extend to non-space related regulations such as tax initiatives, insurance, or spaceport developments. The latter are often not reported in traditional compilations of space laws and regulations, but may be very important in the development of new launch and space systems.
    The emphasis will be on providing a foundation for international comparisons that will look to developing private sector's initiatives in accessing space, which is projected by many to grow and become more important over the coming years. As the space industry continues to expand beyond only providing government services, these creative and very interesting national stimuli for private development will create investment opportunities, jobs, and overall economic development. They may also stimulate additional competition among nations for launch business.
    This paper will report on the framework for the study, progress toward its completion, and also stimulate discussion and additional ideas at the Symposium.
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