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  • NewSpace Center – A New Central Florida Tourist Attraction Showcasing the NewSpace Industry and Providing an Immersive Mars Settlement Experience

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    Mr. Joseph E. Palaia, IV, 4Frontiers Corporation, United States



    NewSpace Center, LLC is a space-themed entertainment venture uniquely focused on showcasing technologies for the settlement of outer space and sharing the advances of the new commercial space industry with the public. Manager and co-founder Joseph Palaia will provide a snapshot of the company’s plans and concepts, and an update on current status.
    Guests at the NewSpace Center will enjoy a variety of exhibits and interactive elements, including three main pavilions:
    Mars Settlement Experience: This one-of-a-kind, indoor attraction includes an interactive, full-scale Mars settlement replica. Visitors to this fully immersive experience will arrive on Mars as some of the first permanent settlers. Guides will familiarize them with their new home by touring habitation areas, an operating hydroponics greenhouse and aquaculture development facility, a robotics development facility, power generation areas, and an early generation mining, refining, and manufacturing operation. Visitors will have the opportunity to wear Martian spacesuits and venture through the airlock onto the Martian surface, where they may encounter surface robots and vehicles being controlled by others within the settlement. The settler’s experience will include other unique opportunities like interacting with real leading-edge experts who are making this Mars settlement vision a reality. Through the sensations of look, feel, smell and taste, visitors will leave with a first-hand understanding of what life will be like in a real Mars settlement.
    NewSpace Pavilion: This pavilion will feature the technology and systems of NewSpace companies from around the world. It will include actual space hardware as well as full-scale mock-ups. The NewSpace Pavilion will be the premier place for NewSpace companies to display their latest technologies, announce new developments, and showcase new products before an excited and interested audience. This pavilion will continuously evolve, featuring a constantly changing landscape of incredible NewSpace advances.
    Leading Edge Technology Center: Here visitors will learn about emerging commercial products and technologies which are presently under development. The center will focus on emerging science and products which improve life here on Earth, while also having application in the space domain. As in other NewSpace Center exhibits, visitors will also interact with real technology experts who are working on specific projects.
    Above all, visitors will leave the NewSpace Center excited and engaged. They will be inspired by a promising vision for the future of the human species and with the promise of the new space frontier.
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