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  • 3. Propulsion Technology


    1. Experimental and numerical analyses of micro-scale jet nozzle flow

    2. CFD Multiphase Simulations of Cryogenic Tank Phenomena and their Verification by Tests

    3. SCENE Sub-Scale Nozzle Development and Testing

    4. Low Cost Hydrazine Decomposition Catalyst (KCMC-7) Developed with Templating Method for Generation of Macropore for Facile Mass and Heat Transfer

    5. Demonstration of a full scale laser welded channel wall nozzle in hot test on the Vulcain 2 Engine

    6. catalytic decomposition of N2O using noble metals to develop monopropellant thruster

    7. Development of a Fuel Oxidiser Compatible Diaphragm

    8. Evaluation and Characterization of Laser Ignition Conditions for GOX/GH2 Propellants

    9. Modeling and Experimental Verification of Auto-Ignition Processes for a Green Bi-Propellant Thruster

    10. The In-Space Propulsion (ISP-1) project

    11. Study on Decomposition of Green Propellant with Atmospheric Plasma for Plasma Chemical Thruster

    12. Vacuum testing of a micropropulsion system based on solid propellant cool gas generators

    13. Investigation of Hydrogen/Oxygen Small Thrust Rocket Engine using Gas Dynamic Resonance Technique

    14. Numerical Simulation of the Ignition Process in a GOX/CH4 Vortex Thruster

    15. development of a nitrous oxide monopropellant micro-thruster at buaa: 2009