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  • 5. Hypersonic and Combined Cycle Propulsion


    1. Modeling and simulation of RBCC Engine Cycle

    2. Numerical Simulation of Inlet Starting Characteristics in Rocket-Ram Combined Cycle Engine

    3. flow pattern and mixing characteristics of cross fuel injection in a supersonic flow

    4. mars exploration: silanes as fuels for martian ramjet and scramjet engines

    5. Experimental Study on Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristic of Aviation Kerosene under Supercritical Pressures

    6. Application of Continuous Rotating Detonation to Jet Propulsion

    7. Research on Hypersonic Airplanes using Pre-Cooled Turbojet Engine

    8. Altitude Testing of the Hypersonic Turbojet Engine at Mach 2 Flight Condition

    9. Combined Cycle Propulsion for High Supersonic Flight Vehicles