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  • 6. Future Space Transportation Systems Verification and In-Flight Experimentation


    1. Sounding rocket flight test of Propellant Management technologies

    2. Advanced Rendezvous, Proximity Operations and Docking (RPOD) STORRM Flight Test

    3. End to end optimisation of IXV trajectory via Multiple-Subarc Sequential Gradient Restoration Algorithm

    4. The Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle Development Status

    5. Ares I-X: The First Test Flight Of A New Era

    6. Ares I-X Flight Evaluation Tasks in Support of Ares I Development

    7. The Italian Unmanned Space Vehicle FTB-1 Back to Fly: Experimental Objectives and Results of the DTFT-2 Mission

    8. The NASA “Max” Launch Abort System Flight Test and Results

    9. EXPERT: The ESA Experimental Re-entry Test-bed

    10. The needs of in-flight experiments for cryogenic propellant behavior : interest and status