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  • 7. Small Launchers: Concepts and Operations


    1. A Microsatellite Launch System using the XP Spaceplane as a Reusable First Stage for a New Generation Hybrid Rocket Upper Stage

    2. Japan pico nano advance launch system

    3. Light-gas gun launcher concept for high-g proof miniature suborbital payloads

    4. Responsive, low-Cost Launch of Nanosatellites and Technology Demonstrations

    5. Thrust Optimization and Operational Strategy for Low Earth Orbit Launch Vehicle

    6. Staging Mechanism Status of the Orbital Launcher NERVA

    7. Robust Control for Air-Launched Systems

    8. Modular Payload Deck Elements for Small Launch Vehicles

    9. Combustible Case, Mobile Engine and no Feed Device: the Concept of a Pico Launch Vehicle

    10. Dnepr program: reliability and innovations in service of small satellites