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  • 4. Going beyond the Earth-Moon system: Human Missions to Mars, Libration points, and NEO’s


    1. Entering the Interplanetary Gateway: Short-Duration Human Missions to Near-Earth Objects

    2. ISECG Space Exploration Goals, Objectives, and Benefits

    3. Advanced Mission Analysis of Human Exploration Missions to Near-Earth Asteroids

    4. APOPHIS Express, a unique opportunity for a human visit to a NEO in 2029

    5. First Human Expedition to a NEA: Mission Definition, Architecture Concepts Presentation, Selection and Assessment

    6. Human exploration mission to a Near Earth Asteroid

    7. A Simplified, Minimal Risk Architectural Strategy for the Exploration of Near-Earth Objects

    8. Mission analysis for a Space Medical Center of an exploration gateway at a lunar libration point

    9. Concept for a future deep space exploration ATV-Crew Vehicle

    10. Mars Lite, an Affordable Way to Solve Mars's Mysteries

    11. Concept for a Manned Mission to Mars