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  • 3. Small Satellite Operations


    1. ESA's Project for on-board Autonomy: Payload Operation Design

    2. ASAP – A Sensor System for Autonomous Event Detection and on Board Planning

    3. An automatic planning system for small space observation satellite

    4. Novel concept of micro/nano-satellite system design and operation assuming on-orbit reconfigurability of attitude determination and control system

    5. Enhancing Small Satellite Missions with Model Based Transmission Reduction

    6. Development of New Ground Station at Kyushu University for Nano Satellite Operation with Efficient and Low-Cost Net Work System

    7. Optimal Dynamic Operations Scheduling for Small-Scale Satellites

    8. Training for Small Satellite Mission Operations

    9. BRITE-Austria Ground Segment and Distributed Operations Concept

    10. Attitude Determination and Onboard Control of Satellites Using Smart Phones

    11. Command and Control of Small Satellites Using Tablet Computers: Increasing Collaboration and Innovation in Space Operations

    12. Simplified femto-satellite operations for disaster management missions