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  • 3. Advanced Space Power Technologies and Concepts


    1. Satellite constellation design for solar power system

    2. Experimental Demonstration of High Frequency Switching Converter for Envelope Tracking Power Amplifier Applications

    3. A novel load priority management policy in a spacecraft power system using judgment matrix

    4. Thermal management of SPS microwave sandwich using directional emissive/reflective coatings

    5. Fuel Cell Design and Breadboarding Activities for Lunar Surface Applications

    6. Overview of Studies on Large Structure for Space Solar Power Systems (SSPS)

    7. Nitrogen-based Power Generation during the Lunar Night

    8. Cryosat-2 Li-Ion battery degradation prediction by estimating key parameters using common identification techniques

    9. Enhancement of energy-harvesting from random vibration by switched shunt circuit

    10. Low Energy Nuclear Reactions - A Bonanza for Space Exploration?

    11. Analysis of Spacecraft Electrical Power Subsystem Architectures to Enhance Survivability and Reliability

    12. Ammonia oxidation on square-wave treated platinum deposited on boron-doped diamond electrodes

    13. Thermomagnetic engine (TME)

    14. Investigation on high efficiency solar pumped Nd:YAG lasers

    15. Copper surface modifications with 4-aminothiophenol as a first step in the attachment of single wall carbon nanotubes

    16. Primary Investigation of the AM0 solar cell space calibration