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  • 1. Behaviour, Performance and Psychosocial Issues in Space


    1. Habitability Of Manned Vehicles: The Impact Of Human Factors On Future Long Duration Human Space Exploration Missions En Route to Mars

    2. the research on characteristics of mood state during 520 days isolation and confinement (mars500)

    3. A systems approach to environmental evaluation, psychological responses and adaptation strategies in confined and isolated groups in Mars500 study.

    4. Asthenia: cultural differences can affect how space agencies treat it

    5. effect on emotion of 72 hours’ sleep deprivation under narrow and isolated circumstance

    6. effects of 72h sleep deprivation on Subjects's cognitive ability

    7. Inflight cognitive performance monitoring:a review of the methods and tools, and an introduction to a case study

    8. The Effect of Hyper- and Microgravity on Visuomotor Coordination of Augmented Reality Selection in Correlation with Spatial Orientation and Haptical Feedback

    9. Impact of 60 days -6 degree head-down bed rest on subjects' cognitive ability