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  • 2. Human Physiology in Space


    1. KEYNOTE: progress and prospect of space medicine experiments in china

    2. Alteration in the Lower Limit of Autoregulation with Elevations in Cephalic Venous Pressure.

    3. Space experiment "Cardiovector" as a new step in the development of the method of ballistocardiography

    4. TCM pattern identification research on health condition of human body in long-term inclosed environment

    5. Effects of low intensity pulsed acoustic wave retains bone's microstructural and mechanical integrity in a disuse osteopenia mice model

    6. Effectiveness of an improved artificial gravity with ergometric exercise device as a countermeasure for spaceflight deconditioning

    7. Microarray analysis reveals changes in blood and saliva gene expression profiles in response to artificial gravity as experienced on the short-arm human centrifuge

    8. Body core temperature changes during submaximal bicycle exercise under longterm micro-g in Astronauts on International Space Station

    9. Hemodynamic monitoring during long term space flight – comparison between lateral (4 electrodes) and longitudinal (8 electrodes) impedance cardiography techniques

    10. Effects of hypergravity on cardio-postrual interactions and cerebral autoregulation in males and females