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  • 2C. Moon Exploration – Part 3


    1. Design of the return trajectories from a polar artificial lunar satellite orbit to the Earth, providing landing of the reentry vehicle into the given restricted area of the Earth surface

    2. large chemical transfer stages for lunar exploration

    3. Development of automatic lunar soil sampling driller

    4. Russian perspective space craft for fundamental and applied Moon researches

    5. an environment modeling algorithm for lunar rover path planning with consideration of factitious intervention and steering cost

    6. The Proposal for the Concept of Earth-Moon Lagrange point Transfer Vehicle (EMLTV)

    7. A compact radio-frequency based range sensor for cooperative multi-robot systems

    8. Shackleton Energy Lunar Sourced Propellant Depot Architecture

    9. a lunar rover path searching algorithm based on topology

    10. New Korean Lunar Exploration Program (KLEP): An Introduction to the Objectives, Approach, Architecture, and Analytical Results