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  • 4. Small Bodies Missions and Technologies


    1. Preparing Rosetta Re-activation

    2. Landing preparations for the Rosetta Comet Lander, Philae

    3. Philae Landing Test at the landing and Mobility Test Facility (LAMA)

    4. ESA MarcoPolo-R: The NEA sample return mission candidate to the M-Class Cosmic Vision program

    5. Near-Earth Asteroid 341843 (2008 EV5), Target of ESA’s MarcoPolo-R Mission

    6. the final development stages of mascot, a small asteroid lander to accompany hayabusa-ii

    7. MicrOmega: a NIR hyperspectral microscope to characterize the composition of the Hayabusa 2 asteroid target

    8. AIDA: Asteroid Impact & Deflection Assessment

    9. Relative Distance Estimation Between the Asteroid 4179 and Chang'E II Based On Spaceborne Opitcal Images

    10. Dawn's Operations in Cruise from Vesta to Ceres

    11. DEM Simulation of Sampling Tool Mechanisms for Low Gravity Bodies

    12. a unique multi-comet mission opportunity for china in 2018