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    Mr. mohammad hosein Fazeli, Iran


    Ms. Safoora Tanbakouei, Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), Iran



    prelude : According to gradually increasing the human society " dearth of agricultural lands and fossil fuels in earth" There has been, we have a scarce time to rescue of massive crises such as famine and battle. Earth planet has a narrow capacity, humans has passing this threshold and now our future is in space, hereabout "mars".
    Article: In this paper we offer an apposite solution to condense atmosphere of Mars for absorbing solar energy. The solution is: swerving one of the Mars’s moons from its orbit, rather Phobos, by Hydrogen bomb or any other implement. till
     the moon or its slices will collide to Mars and hovering
     dust of this impact has be effective factor to absorbing solar energy and as a result will be vaporize icy water of Mars.you can see in this web address that Belong to NASA  \{http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2001/ast16jul\_1\} 
    that between JUN 24.2001 until JUL  08.2001 the  mars atmosphere temperature  increased from -125 C   up to    -65 C by a wide-spreading sandstorm  that  is like to Conditions after impact .
     One of another important result of this impact is seismic effect which are factors can stimulating  volcanic eruptions  in volcanoes of Mars. These volcanic eruption will send out greenhouse gases , ashes  and aerosol  gases to atmosphere of mars, then absorbing solar energy will be increase temperature of surface and atmosphere and condense it Gradually . It is obvious that after continuous impact continuum Climate Cycle and volcanic effect  are formed, During  temperature and atmosphere density come to a balance extent. After a while humans can place biological reserves including Fungi , Bacteria , Moss and so on … on Mars. These existents will propagate and preparing bases of life , and Mars will be viable step by step.
    In relation with hazard of impact for mars has been researched and in at most power of impact according to data calculated in both web based Collegiate program in 
    have us :
    at most energy of impact by phobos  = 41 million MT (MegaTons of TNT) 
    (seismic effect )Magnitude : 10.7M
    Mimpact/Mmars $<$0.001 (No noticeable change in orbit).      And M=momentum
    Yimpact/Ymats $<$0.001  (No noticeable change in rotation period and tilt of axis). And Y=angular  momentum
    it shows that impact don’t has noticeable hazard for mars .
    In  details of this  project all Dimensions were been checked and comprehensive will be submitted
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