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  • 1. Measurements


    1. ISON dedicated survey instruments development

    2. Operational and explosion fragments in GEO and HEO region discovered and observed by ISON network

    3. Coordinated Optical GEO Survey for European SSA Precursor Services

    4. Optical Reflection Spectroscopy of GEO Objects

    5. Observations in the thermal IR and visible of drifting objects in libration orbits around the Western stable point

    6. Fast-Moving Object Detection in Space Surveillance

    7. Orbital Debris Parameter Estimation from Vertical Pointing Radar

    8. Position sensing of orbital debris by laser illumination: optimization of system performance

    9. R&D on in-situ sensors for MMOD measurement at JAXA

    10. Interactive 3D Visualization of Large Astronomical and Space Debris Datasets