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  • 2. Modelling and Risk Analysis


    1. Semi-Empirical Satellite Anomalies Analysis Highlighting Contributions from the Fengyun-1C Event

    2. On-orbit fragmentation of Briz-M

    3. A Simplified Approach to Analyze the Space Debris Evolution in the low Earth Orbit

    4. Effectiveness of GNSS disposal strategies

    5. Disposal Strategies Analysis for MEO orbits

    6. Evolution of Angular Velocity for Large Space Debris as a Result of YORP

    7. Orbital dynamics of lightweight flexible debris

    8. The effect of passive electrostatic charging on near-geosynchronous high area to mass ratio objects

    9. Review of past on-orbit collisions among cataloged objects and examination of the catastrophic fragmentation concept

    10. Stability and Limit Cycle Analysis of Debris Removal