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  • 3. Hypervelocity Impacts and Protection


    1. Ballistic Limit Thickness and Weight of Flexible Materials for Sub-millimeter Steel Sphere Impact at 6 km/s

    2. debris area distribution of spacecraft under hypervelocity impact

    3. Electrical signatures of hypervelocity impact plasmas with applications in in-situ particle detection

    4. Research on shield for China's space station from Meteoroid and Orbital Debris

    5. Evaluation of enhanced shielding configurations against hypervelocity particle impacts for future unmanned spacecraft

    6. Protecting active spacecraft with a debris sweeper

    7. the improvement of self-consistency with conservation law for hypervelocity impact debris cloud engineering model


    9. New evidences for high performance of Gong-Hou shield in withstanding hypervelocity impact

    10. debris dispersion effect in n-shape shield configuration

    11. damage investigation of woven of basalt fiber and al- sphere projectile in hypervelocity impact