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  • 7. Operations in Space Debris Environment, Situational Awareness


    1. A telescope mount suitable for space surveillance

    2. Assessment of possible observation strategy in LEO regime

    3. Devising of Strategies to Monitor the Space Debris Using a Network of ground-based medium-sized Observatories

    4. Operational space surveillance activities at CNES

    5. The Role, Place and Development Prospects of the Russian Hazard Alarm System in the Integration of International Efforts to Provide Safe Space Activities

    6. Collision Risk Assessment and Avoidance Manoeuvres - The new CORAM tool for ESA

    7. GEO Satellite Conjunction Assessment and Collision Avoidance Based on the CSM and Owner/Operator Ephemeris

    8. Lessons for Improved International Space Situational Awareness (SSA) from Recent Developments in Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA)