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  • 8. Political, legal, Institutional and Economic Aspects of Space Debris Mitigation and Removal


    1. Conceptualizing an Economically, Legally, and Politically Viable Active Debris Removal Option

    2. Political and institutional challenges of space debris mitigation and removal

    3. Legal and Political Aspects of Space Debris Mitigation and Removal – a Critical Analysis

    4. Some Legal and Regulatory Challenges to the conduct of Active Debris Removal and On-Orbit Satellite Servicing Activities

    5. Liability in the context of space debris

    6. active space debris removal, an indispensable mechanism for long term sustainability of space overcoming concerns of space debris

    7. Emerging Space Nations and International Cooperation for Space Debris Mitigation and Removal

    8. Space Debris Mitigation and Nano-Satellites: Legal Considerations and the Need for an Innovative Policy

    9. The Long-Term Cost of Debris Removal from LEO