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  • 1. Space-Based Navigation Systems and Services


    1. Initial Data Processing Assessment of the COMPASS Satellite Navigation System

    2. GNSS performance comparison using in-orbit satellite measurements

    3. GNSS Performances for MEO, GEO and HEO

    4. Space Based Navigation Augmentation Systems worldwide - current Status and future Outlook

    5. Multi-GNSS: Potentials, Risks and Benefits

    6. a novel acquisition architecture for multi-mode satellite navigation system receiver based on CORDIC algorithm

    7. Evaluation of the Reachability and Promptness of Delivering Disaster and Evacuation Information Using an Augmentation Signal of the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System

    8. GNSS for Disaster Management – Technical and Policy oriented recommendations

    9. Management practice of Navigation Satellite batch production

    10. Constellation Design and Stability Promotion Approaches for Compass Regional Navigation System

    11. geo orbit determination using beidou system

    12. Stochastic Assessment of GPS Observations for LEO Relative Navigation