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  • 4. Advanced Space Communications and Navigation Systems


    1. Design Considerations for Small Satellites Supporting AIS and ADS-B Missions

    2. A Novel Antenna Phased Array Concept for AIS and ADS-B Signal Detection using Nano/Micro-Satellites

    3. swarm to earth communication in olfar

    4. Design of Onboard Communication System for the Nano-Satellite STUDSAT-2A/2B

    5. Performance of rate quarter low density parity check codes for free space optical communication in a lognormal fading distribution

    6. design of smart antennas for nanosatellites

    7. Adaptive Filter based Artificial Intelligence approach in Image Processing for Deep Space & Interplanetary Autonomous Missions

    8. design and dsp implementation of proximity space receiver based on ccsds standard

    9. Research on Tele-Reach Management of China’s Aerospace TT&C System

    10. Research on the EF Phase Estimation X-ray Pulsars Relative Navigation based Spatial States Determination of Formation Flying Spacecrafts

    11. Ground-based radio navigation system for GEO satellites

    12. Research on Doppler Frequency-shift and Propagation -delay of Polar Orbit Constellation Satellite Based on HPOP

    13. New Future Spacecraft Navigation Tool:Interferometry Technology Based on Antenna Array