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  • 6. Mobile Satellite Communications and Navigation Technology


    1. a compact broadband antenna for wireless terminals in telemetry and telecommunication systems

    2. research and design of radiation hard data transmission and switching technology

    3. The Visibility Performance of COMPASS/GPS in near-Earth Space

    4. Enhancing the Sense of Orientation and Direction using Satellite Navigation Data and Haptic Technology

    5. study and simulation analysis on traffic models of the umts based geo satellite mobile communication system

    6. On capacity evaluation in satellite-terrestrial integrated mobile communications system

    7. A New Architecture for Converged Mobile Satellite Communication System and Terrestrial Mobile Communication System for Personal Communications

    8. Research on interference from stations providing feeder links of the non-geostationary mobile-satellite systems to stations of aeronautical service in the frequency band 5091-5150 MHz

    9. Capacity Evaluation for TD-SCDMA Multi-beam GEO Satellite Communication Systems

    10. The navigation satellite attitude control methods introduction and the effect on the antenna phase center

    11. A fast acquisition method for TD-AltBOC modulation signal and performance analysis