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    1. Overview Session (Present and Near-Term Human Space Flight Programmes)

    10-V.5. Next Generation Destinations for Human Exploration

    2. How Can We Best Apply Our Experience to Future Human Missions?

    3. Space Station Utilization

    4-B6.5. Sustainable Operations of Present and Future Space Stations - Joint Session of the Human Space Endeavours and Space Operations Symposia

    5. Astronauts: Those Who Make It Happen

    6-A5.3. Joint Session on Human and Robotic Partnerships to Realise Space Exploration Goals

    7. New Technologies, Processes and Operating Modes Enabling Future Human Missions

    8-E7.7. Joint IAF/IISL Session on Legal Framework for Cooperative Space

    9-V.2. Human Space Endeavours Young Professional Virtual Forum

    P. Poster Session